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Whether you are looking to help your player improve at their passion through detailed instruction, or are simply looking looking for a place to practice your team indoors, we’ve got you covered!

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Exhibition Athletics Baseball and Softball Lessons Player Swinging


Every athlete’s body is different, so why should their swing have to be exactly the same? We evaluate how their body moves and work towards a swing that complements each individual body type. This involves focusing on instilling proper mechanics and efficient body movements. 

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Arm care is the number one priority when it comes to our pitching lessons. The primary focus is to improve the athletes mechanics to reduce the strain on their arm. Then, through driveline, the athlete begins to strengthen the muscles that are directly correlated to pitching.

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Speed & Agility

With a primary focus on improving acceleration and short burst speed, the athlete will go through many different workouts aimed at increasing fast twitch muscle fibers.


Our Players Love Us

“My son has been working with Mike for a year and have seen consistent growth and he is able to connect so well with him. Can’t recommend enough.”

Robert Christian

“This place is great! Ever since I started taking my son here, his game improved 100%. Both coaches are very dedicated and fun. My son loves to come and work with them.”

Ana Lombana

“Mike and Ryan do a phenomenal job. Our son has greatly improved with his short time here. We highly recommend them.”

Matthew Maendler

“Coach Ryan is great. My son has been going to Ryan since summer of 2017. Ryan broke down and rebuilt his swing. It took a matter of weeks before he was hitting the ball harder.”

Grady Flannigan

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