Batting Cage Rentals

Rent everything from batting cages for hitting to indoor spaces for team fielding exercises

Training Facility Rentals

Rentals Offered

Team Batting Cage Rentals

Need a space for your team to practice when the weather is bad? Look no further than our batting cages! Everything from long cages to short ones, we have what you need to effectively run your practice! That includes any equipment you need!

Available With Appointment

Team Open Space Rentals

With our modular setup, we can push back some of our hitting cages to allow for open area work to be done. This includes team fielding practices, speed and agility, and training stations!

Available With Appointment

Small Group Batting Cage Rentals

Looking to get some extra work done with your player, or a small group of players? Come and use one of our batting cages to gain that edge on the competition! We can also provide guidance and equipment when needed!

Available With Appointment

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