Baseball & Softball Lessons

Our instructors offer a wide variety of lessons, aimed at improving every aspect of your players game!

Instruction Offered

Baseball and Softball Lessons Offered

Hitting Lessons

Every athletes body is different, so why should their swing have to be exactly the same? We evaluate how their body moves and work towards a swing that complements each individual body type. This focuses on helping each player move more efficiently in space to allow for a cleaner approach to the ball.

30 Minutes: $45

1 Hour: $80

Pitching Lessons

Arm care is the number one priority when it comes to our pitching lessons. The primary focus is to improve the athletes mechanics to reduce the strain on their arm. Then, through driveline, the athlete begins to strengthen the muscles that are directly correlated to pitching.

30 Minutes: $45

1 Hour: $80

Throwing Program

With our throwing program classes, the aim is to make sure the body and the arm are working along the same plane. Most athletes do not do this, thus throw inefficiently, which leads to being more injury prone.

1 Hour Classes: $45

Fielding Classes

These classes have an emphasis on footwork, which leads to athletes being in a better position to field the ball. This in turn reduces stress on the arm and improves throwing speed and accuracy. Classes are limited to 4 players.

1 Hour Classes: $45

Catching Lessons

Our instructors focus on multiple different aspects of catching. This includes receiving pitches more effectively, proper footwork for throwdowns, and dropping and blocking. All while conditioning catchers for the challenges they face in games.

30 Minutes: $45

1 Hour: $80

Speed & Agility

With a primary focus on improving acceleration and short burst speed, the athlete will go through many different workouts aimed at increasing fast twitch muscle fibers.

1 Hour Classes: $45


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Canton, Georgia 30114

Mon-Fri: 5 pm - 9 pm

Sat-Sun: By Appointment

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