XA SOFTBALL Summer Camp Session 5: 7/17-7/20


Each week will have a different focus! It will not be the same as the last and they will build on each other! This is Week 5 going from Monday, July 17th, through Thursday, July 20th. Each day will run from 9 AM to 12 PM!


XA Summer Intensives is an intense training program that will see athletes grow in many areas of their game. It will be broken down into three primary areas of focus, and will then branch out from there. At the core level, we will focus on the following:


  • Movement-oriented drills to increase body control and swing consistency
  • Reactionary training to help players react to pitches
  • Pitch recognition and selection training
  • And of course, working on fundamental mechanics!


  • Primary focus on the arm-to-body connection(making sure they are working together)
  • Providing proper arm care instructions and discussions
  • Working on landing properly and using the core
  • Pitch development
  • Shoulder stability training

Athletic Training

  • Imagine Strength Training and Speed & Agility but with it is 100% geared toward softball
  • Body quickness training
  • Reactive movement training
  • Focus on body control